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“Pulsed Electric Magnetic Field”

FDA approval

The following FDA approvals have been provided for High-Powered PEMF:

  • Chronic non-malignant pain relief
  • Post-operative pain and edema
  • Bone growth/regeneration: 
    • faster healing of delayed non-union fractures
    • clients with diabetes and vascular issues
  • Depression – if anti-depressants ineffective
  • Adjunct to cervical fusion surgery
  • Brain cancer 2011
  • Enhanced tissue repair (NASA) 2009
  • Stimulate growth stem cells (NASA adjunct)


Our cells are electric: every living function – conscious, unconscious, physical, or mental requires electrical current in order to happen. Muscle activity, nerve function, glandular secretions, thinking, walking, running, pain, healing and regeneration are all electrically driven functions of the body. 

  • Healthy cells have a charge of -70 millivolts to -120 millivolts (depending upon what part of the body they are in and what they do). 
  • Loss of cellular electrical charge is the beginning of diminishing performance, aging, illness, and even death. 
  • Cells with a charge of <20 millivolts are often incapable of performing any useful function and go into survival mode during which they reproduce themselves in their deficient form – a degenerative process that may signal the beginning of cancer.

For patients interested in trying PEMF, one common question is how it will make them feel.

  • Professional athlete Igor Olshansky, former defensive end for the San Diego Chargers, shares how he used PEMF after training or practice and that it made him “feel better, more energized.”
  • Users of PEMF can feel the magnetic wave of energy entering their body; it seeks out or finds areas of the body with previous injury or issue and the user can feel this entire process.
  • Olshansky also explains how PEMF helped alleviate his aches and pains, enabling him to practice proper technique so as not to compromise himself and increase his risk of injury, providing just one more benefit of engaging in PEMF therapy.

What is old is new.

  • While you may have not thought a technology from the 1800s could find its way into your practice, PEMF is a great way to benefit your practice. This type of therapy helps to increase patient outcomes by providing pain relief and healing injuries while being relatively low cost to you. Including PEMF therapy in your practice boosts your bottom line while effectively treating your patients.


Look who uses PULSE


Tony Robbins In his new book “Life Force,” Tony Robbins discusses strategies gleaned from interviewing more than 100 of the world’s top medical pioneers. Much of the impetus for doing the book stems from his own health challenges and the search to help with his own healing.

He talks about a personal snowboarding accident leaving him with an excruciatingly painful torn rotator cuff and the discovery that he also had severe spinal stenosis. PRP, platelet rich plasma, helped only a small amount. Serendipitously, at a conference a spinal surgeon recommended PEMF therapy to him. His first experience with 20 minutes of PEMF therapy reduced pain from 9 out of 10 to 4.5. Even with the benefit from the PEMF therapy, he ended up getting stem cell therapy to further help to heal his shoulder. But he continues to use PEMF therapy regularly to boost energy and concentration, improve sleep and overall daily function.

”Research shows that PEMF therapy helps to reduce/clear “the swamp,” that is, to decrease the swelling and inflammation associated with many of the health issues for which stem cell therapy is used. The research also shows that PEMF therapy not only increases the body’s own natural proliferation of stem cells, and it also helps them to turn from undifferentiated into the differentiated cells needed for the intended tissue repair and regeneration. And PEMFs also help to maintain the injected stem cells and the regenerating tissues longer term. Based on science and experience, it’s my view that, given the cost and hassles in getting and doing stem cell therapy, more support is needed to give more confidence that that it will work as well as hoped. Adequate intensity and proper use of PEMF’s provide that assurance.

As Tony mentions, research on PEMF therapy is extensive and shows dramatic results in reducing pain, swelling, inflammation and improving cellular metabolism and energy.

Tony further goes on to describe how he used it successfully for his 83-year-old aunt, after suffering a bad fall, and for the professional athletes he coaches. He combines multiple other therapies including hyperbaric oxygen [HBOT] and cryotherapy. His PEMF is a high intensity, very high cost PEMF system normally only sold to health professionals.

In his book, Tony says “I personally recommend that you get yourself an experience with one, and you’ll be sold on its power and impact. Most people will do three sessions of twenty to 60 minutes and see significant positive changes. But I felt the impact, and many do, after just the first session, and I’m willing to bet you’ll notice a positive change. PEMF devotees affectionately call it “lightning in a box,” and just may be the right way for you to decrease both acute and chronic pain, increase circulation, and boost your overall energy while recharging your health.” *

As a testament to the value of therapy with what he calls “lightning in a box” PEMF therapy system, of the people who get the appropriate PEMF system for their health needs.

*Excerpted from “Life Force: how breakthroughs in precision medicine can transform the quality of your life of those you love.” Tony Robbins, Peter Diamandis, MD & Robert Hariri, MD, PhD. Simon & Schuster, 2022.

One can certainly use PEMF therapy in the professional setting with holistic practitioners, physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, trainers, etc., but, because of the cost and convenience issues, getting an appropriate PEMF system for home use, as Tony has done, is likely to help the most in the long run. So, home PEMF therapy may be used not only for helping with specific health issues but will also have the add-on value, amazingly so, for long-term daily general health maintenance. Who doesn’t need health maintenance, even beyond any specific health issues?


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